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Would you like to learn how to create your life in a safe and powerful manner, all while being able to “stay in your lane” to do no harm to those around you? Would you like to learn how to set and enforce boundaries without senseless confrontations or power struggles? Are you interested in learning how to raise your minimum standards, increase your freedom, and become more whole, unique, and sovereign?

Boundary Magic is the perfect spell casting process to achieve these goals and more, and combines the principles of natural law, commercial law, Jungian psychology, and mysticism into an easy to use and practical methodology that you can use daily whenever contrasting experiences arise. The price for this two hour class is $30 USD.

To receive the video class via email, please pay using the PayPal payment button below, and I will respond within a day to forward on the video link so that you can access the class.

For more on Boundary Magic, you can check out this excerpt from the class, and you can listen to a recent podcast where I discuss the topic in depth:

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2 thoughts on “Boundary Magic Clsas

  1. Maria Diaz says:

    Do you do interviews?

    I came across your work, and I would love to interview you for an upcoming online summit for women called Activating Venus Within. It will be 21 interviews with a variety of experts about feminine energy, self love, psychology, spirituality, romantic love, sensuality and sex and how that ties into a fulfilling, healthy and amazing loving and life-long relationship or marriage.

    I specifically would like to fill in the gaps between the different points of view about masculinity and femininity, healthy relationships, what works, what doesn’t work and why. The theory and practical advice so that we all (haha yes me and all the other summit attendees) can actually transform our love life.

    Would this be something you’d be interested in participating in?

    Thank you for your time!
    Maria Diaz


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